The challenge of sourcing a consistent supply

For international Buyers, working directly with local Processors can be time consuming and inefficient since not all local Processors have appropriate equipment, volumes, or required quality standards. As consequence, international Buyers may spend time and resources sourcing quantities from multiple local Processors, creating unnecessary task duplication thus could not achieve expected efficiency level.

The local Processors (or Suppliers) have their own suffering too. With traditional mindset, the local Processors may prefer focusing on manufacturing process, stable supply, and investment in innovative technology, rather than taking extra effort to deal with business development or some “paper” works. English fluency level to communicate comfortably and professionally is also sometimes a barrier.


Quality products

The best source of edible nuts (especially Vietnam sourced cashews) and dried foods

Food supply solutions for international Buyers

Sustainable and responsible supply of food

Support local Processors

Innovative and lasting partnership

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Nutworks Foods works in partnership with international Buyers and local Processors to create global food supply solutions.

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