Thanks to our trusted network of local food Processors, Nutworks Foods has been developing a strong representation in the global market for edible nuts and dried foods, especially Vietnamese-sourced cashews, for both unprocessed and processed ones. Our pioneering history and continued growth in the food business have been continuously building based on innovative and lasting partnerships with YOU, quality food Processors.

We always listen to you and truly understand your concerns. In partner with Nutworks Foods, you can take advantage of our multi-product, global market presence to access to quality business opportunities as well as keep up-to-date with practice in global food safety. Our expertise in commercial development, logistics, imports and exports drives reliable, quality outcomes for our partners, which would definitely benefit you and enable you to focus on what you do best (i.e. manufacturing process, stable supply, and investment in innovative technology).

Least but not last, we always show our commitment in heart and mind to build up sustainable relationship, based on our accountability and win-win business mindset.

Business ethic

Sustainable supply solutions with a high sense of responsibility

Expert in the
field of food

A team of experts with the same passion for safe food and high quality service

Quality products

Committed to providing quality products related to edible nuts and dried foods, especially Vietnamese cashews

We work in partnership with buyers and
suppliers to develop food supply solutions

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Nutworks Foods works in partnership with international Buyers and local Processors to create global food supply solutions.

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