The challenge of sourcing a consistent supply

For international Buyers, working directly with local Processors can be time consuming and inefficient since not all local Processors have appropriate equipment, volumes, or required quality standards. As consequence, international Buyers may spend time and resources sourcing quantities from multiple local Processors, creating unnecessary task duplication thus could not achieve expected efficiency level.

The local Processors (or Suppliers) have their own suffering too. With traditional mindset, the local Processors may prefer focusing on manufacturing process, stable supply, and investment in innovative technology, rather than taking extra effort to deal with business development or some “paper” works. English fluency level to communicate comfortably and professionally is also sometimes a barrier.

That is where Nutworks Foods comes in.

Total supply solutions

With years of the first-hand processing experience, the founders of Nutworks Foods believed there is a better way that could deliver benefits to both international Buyers and local Processors.

In a nutshell, we helps both international Buyers and local Processors simplify the process of sourcing quality edible nuts and dried foods, especially Vietnamese-sourced cashews, for a wide range of both traditional and innovative applications.

We work in partnership with international Buyers and local Processors to create strategic and customized solutions, taking care of the supply chain from the farm gate to product delivery and playing an increasing role in the healthy food industry. As one-stop-shop solution, we are your troubleshooters – from procurements to global distribution.

Our promise is excellence in supply solutions of edible nuts and dried foods, especially Vietnamese-sourced cashews, agricultural products that we are proud of them.

Vietnamese-based with a global mindset

Nutworks Foods‘s headquarter is located in Lam Dong Province, with business offices and plants in Ho Chi Minh City, Binh Phuoc, Binh Duong and Dong Nai Province, Vietnam. Our strategic business locations not only facilitate our effective sourcing and business development activities, but also give us opportunities to involve and support with the relevant communities in Vietnam, in term of more jobs offering with fair labor conditions and other Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) activities.

Our staff regularly travel throughout Vietnam and international to meet the international Buyers and local Processors and always act as our ambassador for high ethical standards, presenting our commitment to give positive influence across the communities where we are involved.

Discover our brands

Roasted Cashew with salt added

Roasted Macadamia

Roasted Pistachios

Quality products

The best source of edible nuts (especially Vietnam sourced cashews) and dried foods

Food supply solutions for international Buyers

Sustainable and responsible supply of food

Support local Plants

Innovative and lasting partnership

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Nutworks Foods works in partnership with international Buyers and local Processors to create global food supply solutions.

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